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ECCIC to focus on the global Internet industry, with many different companies, such as through software, the highest ICT, justice league, iCloud, Keidanren. In addition ECCIC and Alibaba, Alipay Network Technology Co., Ltd. has a working relationship.

Our management team consists of a successful entrepreneurial experience, solid management, investment and technical background, and has extensive experience in domestic and overseas outstanding employees. Our services include e-commerce, wireless, broadband, Internet, vi design, digital media, computer hardware and software industries. Focus on the entire e-business models, to form to the enterprise, suppliers, distributors / customers closely together throughout the supply chain management system.

(Full e-commerce era is required for management is the core of network technology and SaaS delivery model, and provide online management and e-commerce services, enterprise internal management, and business processes between enterprises and effective collaboration. )

Spirit of enterprise:Pursuit of competition and do the best !
Our Vision:For e-business as a service, enjoy the management
Our values:We can do it
Our mission:Help the development of SMEs, by your wisdom
Management concept:Care, training, sharing, motivation, creativity, focus, execution = excellent team
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