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Shareholding Financing Plan of B2B Website
  • Financing Ways:
  • Area:
  • Financing Subject:
  • Industry:
  • Financing Amount:
  • Capital Stock:
  • Intention:
  • Capital Use:
  • Shareholding
  • Chengdu, China
  • Enterprise
  • Internet
  • 1 million USD
  • Within30%
  • By Countries
  • For software development, website operation in some countries
B2B Summary
  B2B refers as the supply and demand for e-commerce transactions are both businessman (or enterprise, company), they use the Internet technology or all kinds of business network platform to complete the process of business transactions.These processes include: supply and demand information, order and confirm, payment process and notes issued, send and receive, determine the delivery plan and monitor distribution process, etc.
  Through B2B transaction the buyer and seller to complete the entire online business process, from establishing the initial impression, to shop around, and then to bargain, sign the bill and delivery, and finally to customer service.B2B business transactions reduce many transactional workflow and management costs, reducing the costs of enterprise management.The convenience and extension of Network make the enterprise to expand the scope of activities, trans-regional transnational enterprise development more convenient and cheaper.
B2B Advantage
Reduce the purchasing cost
Enterprise through setting up electronic commerce between enterprise and supplier, to realize automatic online purchase, can reduce the both sides traded for investment of manpower, material resources and financial resources.Procurement in addition, the enterprise can through the integration of enterprise internal purchasing system, unified procurement to suppliers, procurement in batches for the discount.Such as Wal - Mart will be in the United States more than 3000 supermarkets join together, through the network to procurement and distribution, unified by batch purchasing saves a lot of purchasing cost.

Reduce the inventory cost
Enterprise with upstream suppliers and downstream customers to establish a system of electronic commerce between enterprise realize manufacturing-according-to-sale, to decide for production, to realize the unified, the efficiency of logistics and maximum control inventory.Such as Dell by allowing customers to order online, the efficiency of enterprise business processes, reduce inventory costs.

Save the turnaround time
Companies can also be through with suppliers and customers to establish a unified e-commerce system, achieve the supplier of the enterprise and enterprise customers direct communication and transaction, reduce turnover links.Such as Boeing purchasing spare parts from a supplier, but a large part of the spare parts is to meet its customer airlines aircraft maintenance.To reduce turnover in the middle of the link, the Boeing company through the establishment of e-commerce implementation Boeing's direct communication between suppliers and customers, greatly reducing the turnaround time of spare parts.

Expanding market opportunity
Enterprise through online business relationship with potential customers, can override the original hard through traditional channels covering market, increase the enterprise's market opportunities.Such as Dell through online direct marketing, 20% of new customers from the small and medium-sized enterprises, with the enterprise electronic commerce between the establishment of the enterprise, greatly reduces the both sides of the transaction cost, increase the interests of small and medium-sized enterprise customer online purchasing power.
Company Introduction
ECCIC is a growing organization that is committed to integrate many Internet resources, continuously provide diversified services.ECCIC always keep moving steadily, our goal is to become a global excellent Internet service and application providers,we are always trying to keep our promise: simple is all. Here gathered a group of active vigorous young man,we have been working to provide customers with more quality services.After long-term efforts and innovation,we have built a number of different iGroup service platform, like a service chain that can meet people's needs , eventually become a comprehensive service organization.
ECCIC always provide platform for young man realize their dream, if you want to join ECCIC please fill in recruitment form to tell us about your growing experience: icareer.eccic.com.cn.

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