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Shareholding Financing Plan of Isoftvalley
  • Financing Ways:
  • Area:
  • Financing Subject:
  • Industry:
  • Financing Amount:
  • Capital Stock:
  • Intention:
  • Capital Use:
  • Benefits:
  • Shareholding
  • Chengdu, China
  • Enterprise
  • Internet
  • 1 million USD to 10 million USD
  • 1% - 30%
  • By Countries(Example:isoftvalley.dk )
  • 30% of the raise capital is used to pay for the cost of ECCIC's early investment, the rest 70% is used to pay for the operation of the co-partnership company (isoftvalley.dk )
  • contains revenue generated by isoftvalley.dk platform itself and benefits bring in by IGROUP' project, all this will be credited as income of isoftvalley.dk .
Isoftvalley Summary
Isoftvalley(hereafter referred to as ISV)is a B2C e-commerce software platform, provide various of software services and products,meanwhile play as the third party for global clients and technology providers.Our projects management system apply to standard demand which require all demands of the projects must be clear rather than ambiguity demand.This have successfully overcomes the difficulty caused by frequently changing requirements during the process of software development.At the same time under the strict supervision and standardized demand review mechanism customer can order his projects according to his demand.All this ensured ISV platform always keep an efficient state in service.
  ISV provide services both with the characteristics of trade and software service,so it can be called as software service trade.This is a new business with broad prospects and huge business opportunity.Compare with traditional trade,the trade and process is much simple.All the operation is finished online without shipping or other complex operation.This is the future and trend of e-commerce development.Since 2009,we have been served thousands of clients in more than 120 countries and area from Middle East, Europe, Oceania and America.Our professional service have build a good reputation among our clients.
Isoftvalley Advantage
  At present, ISV platform has already covered most of classify in applications software. Various complex applications software were broken up into sole function one. Thus users from any industry or company can find suitable application and function for themself very easy. At the same time, users can freely assemble those functions they need without any waste and deficiency,this making software market more easy to understand.
  Through the platform, we can attract more software providers, investors, companies and personal users...and so on to join us.We gather all software providers, demand analysts, system architects, users around the world to the platform. Through ISV, we improve the software availability, reduce software develope cost,improve working efficiency,enhance our customers competitiveness.Our goal is to create a more efficiently way to win together.
What is IGROUP
  IGROUP is invested by ECCIC group,ECCIC integrate technology advantage, to create team group to running projects such as e-commerce, application, websites and.ECCIC create a new organization form, here no board of directors,everyone can become iGroup leader through his talents and efforts,and will have the opportunity to enjoy 10% benefit of the iGroup every year.
Company Introduction
ECCIC is a growing organization that is committed to integrate many Internet resources, continuously provide diversified services.ECCIC always keep moving steadily, our goal is to become a global excellent Internet service and application providers,we are always trying to keep our promise: simple is all. Here gathered a group of active vigorous young man,we have been working to provide customers with more quality services.After long-term efforts and innovation,we have built a number of different iGroup service platform, like a service chain that can meet people's needs , eventually become a comprehensive service organization.
ECCIC always provide platform for young man realize their dream, if you want to join ECCIC please fill in recruitment form to tell us about your growing experience: icareer.eccic.com.cn.
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