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Shareholding Financing Plan of IUB(iunionbuy)
  • Financing Ways:
  • Area:
  • Financing Subject:
  • Industry:
  • Financing Amount:
  • Capital Stock:
  • Intention:
  • Capital Use:
  • Benefits:
  • Note:
  • Shareholding
  • Chengdu, China
  • Enterprise
  • Internet
  • Within1 million USD
  • According to the investment amount (3 year use right)
  • By Countries(Example:iunionbuy.dk )
  • Initial Fees. Actual operation cost need invest by the investors, ECCIC responsible for the technical support and marketing support such as platform upgrade and routine promotion and so on. (iunionbuy.dk operating costs and expenses paid by the investors).
  • If you invest $300000, you will have the rights to share 30% of the earnings, the investment of 300000 will all pay to ECCIC as a joining fee, 3 years latter you will have the priority right of renewal.
  • Investor has the priority right of renewal after 3 years.
Iunionbuy Summary
 iUnionbuy commit to cooperate with domestic and foreign brands and offer authentic, low-cost, and popular brand products to customers. Meanwhile, iUnionbuy also committed to the promotion works for joined members. By now, we have successfully established cooperative relationships with enterprise from the following areas: Australia, Britain, China, the United States and the United Arab Emirates etc. IUB is and will be always dedicated to the common development with its members.
Iunionbuy Advantage
1. Show your products and brands on IUB, grant you chance to touch massive consumers on internet, especially in China market, which is already the biggest
    luxury consumption country in the world.
2. Adding back-link from IUB to your website. More back-link, more effective and higher rank for your website SEO which is a efficient way to attract more traffic and
3. Professional SNS marketing plan for your brand and goods, to increase the exposure of your products enlarge your brand influence.
4. Agent of customer development. If you like it, we can allocate a marketing specialist to search potential customers for you online business. After we found your potential
    customers, we will transfer their data to you for further negotiation.

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IUB: Promotion the website itself
Specialized SEO and SNS marketing experts to manage: www.iunionbuy.com
Company Introduction
ECCIC is a growing organization that is committed to integrate many Internet resources, continuously provide diversified services.ECCIC always keep moving steadily, our goal is to become a global excellent Internet service and application providers,we are always trying to keep our promise: simple is all. Here gathered a group of active vigorous young man,we have been working to provide customers with more quality services.After long-term efforts and innovation,we have built a number of different iGroup service platform, like a service chain that can meet people's needs , eventually become a comprehensive service organization.
ECCIC always provide platform for young man realize their dream, if you want to join ECCIC please fill in recruitment form to tell us about your growing experience: icareer.eccic.com.cn.
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