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ServicePay system
1) Q:What is the project management system?
A: The project management system is a system for a company can manage their every project’s proceeding and status.
2) Q:How’s the software operated?
A: Firstly the buyers need to registed in our system :(http://www.servicepay.com.cn/)and then he can choose which projects he need.And also he can place an orders in our official website:(http://www.isoftvalley.com/)In our official website customer can choose project which they required/
Secondly customer need to done the payment offline and then our team will start his work.
Thirdly when our team finished customer’s project our designer will update the works to system.After that customers can see his project.
3) Q:If customer need to modify the design,how can they do?How can the designer and customer communiocate well?
A: The system has the function of Messages.So when the customers has some problems or questions they can directly send message in this system.And we have major team see the messages,when they received they will solve the customer’s problems at once.
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