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Seed Funding Plan for Website Like VistaPrint
  • Financing Ways:
  • Area:
  • Financing Subject:
  • Industry:
  • Financing Amount:
  • Project Phase:
  • Seed Funding
  • Chengdu, China
  • Enterprise
  • Internet
  • 100000 USD to 1 million USD
  • Preparation stage
Iunionbuy Summary
Prepare to develop a website like www.vistaprint.com.au,looking for investment partner.
Prepare to develop a website like http://www.vistaprint.com.au/,looking for investment partner. For thousands of small businesses and individuals, convenient and quick for them to provide direct marketing products and services, to help them self-promotion at low cost. It provides products generally include card, folding leaflet, envelope, letter, greeting cards, promotional products, personality customization prints. In addition to the print, Vistaprint also provide mail services, email marketing, network construction, network search and other online marketing services.Vistaprint can also meet the customers design requirements , customers can use Vistaprint online design studio to design their own company logo, and applies these designs in the order of the products.

  Vistaprint's characteristic is through daily large orders to form scale advantage and cost advantage, provide customer with low price.Statistics show, in 2011, the amount of visitors at Vistaprint with buying behavior is about 12.9 million.Vistaprint processing orders of more than 60000 a day, but at present in domestic online printing platform, day processing thousands of orders is already very good grades.Vistaprint has special online orders processing ability, tens of thousands of servers do technical support for the order to ensure smooth processing, the company has about 2700 employees, including more than 300 technical personnel.Vistaprint can very efficiently dispersed small order according to the rules of a given puzzle, integration of the production task list, before and after the whole working process.

  Vistaprint has a recruit talents is hidden in free product marketing.The homepage of Vistaprint prominently has a free personalized business card printing links entrance.Click enter, fill in the personal information need in the business card printing, choose a template, to determine the distribution location, can print 250 copies free personalized business card, just need to pay the postage.Vistaprint free products and T-shirt, pen, stickers and other many personalized printing product Vistaprint using free to attract and retain customers, sales using free indirect, such as selection of free business card template only 24, if you want to choose many exquisite specialized business card template, you need to pay for.The back of a free card need to print on Vistaprint company web site and print advertising for free.Is remarkable, while removing the back we have to pay for advertising, but Vistaprint provide business card on the back of the design is very thoughtful and practical, such as a calendar date, personalized information, notes, etc are available.Just think, if printed on the back of the card on the calendar, that can easily be marked some date related content, so that at the time of delivery business card for more information.Customer before entering distribution mode set, also can take several pages of popular products advertising information, with exquisite images is introduced and a lower price, is very attractive.Vistaprint, as it were, properly using free printing promote its products and services.Data showed that 28% were free business card to attract customers to buy the site paid products and services.
Project Advantage
1. Time limitation: help customers quickly realize social network marketing
2. Fine positioning: one-on-one solve small business printing troubled with little quantity
Company Introduction
ECCIC is a growing organization that is committed to integrate many Internet resources, continuously provide diversified services.ECCIC always keep moving steadily, our goal is to become a global excellent Internet service and application providers,we are always trying to keep our promise: simple is all. Here gathered a group of active vigorous young man,we have been working to provide customers with more quality services.After long-term efforts and innovation,we have built a number of different iGroup service platform, like a service chain that can meet people's needs , eventually become a comprehensive service organization.
ECCIC always provide platform for young man realize their dream, if you want to join ECCIC please fill in recruitment form to tell us about your growing experience: icareer.eccic.com.cn.
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