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Investment project information
Seed Funding Plan for Taxi App Software
  • Financing Ways:
  • Area:
  • Financing Subject:
  • Industry:
  • Financing Amount:
  • Project Phase:
  • Target market:
  • Seed Funding
  • Chengdu, China
  • Enterprise
  • APP
  • R & D financing :30000USD   ,   Financing of 10 million USD operations
  • Preparation stage
  • Brazil, South Africa, Russia, India...
"Didi taxi" is a free taxi App, China is now the hottest, coolest, most handsome phone taxi APP, is the most extensive coverage, most users, most users favorite "taxi" applications.
2012, drops a taxi in Beijing Zhongguancun born September 9 official in Beijing on the line, then it is hot and the development of the mobile Internet industry, interacting with each other, stimulate innovation inspiration. Now, drops a taxi every day for the country more than 100 million users to provide convenient call car service, and more localized service life, so that the rapid development of China's mobile Internet is really penetrate into the hearts of users. Currently, the drops hit the car has become the country's largest taxi software platform. Didi taxi, is a new attitude to life.
Project Features
"Didi taxi" App has changed the traditional taxi way to build a great culture era of mobile Internet users to lead a modern way to travel. Than over traditional phone Yang Zhao car and roadside trick, it drops the birth of a taxi is to change the traditional taxi market structure, to subvert the roadside hailed the concept, the use of mobile Internet features, the integration of online and offline and from the initial stage of a taxi to get off using online pay the fare, taxi passengers to experience the maximum optimization, to change the traditional way of taxi drivers waiting for passengers, so the driver master according to the destination by passengers will "orders" to save the driver and passenger communication costs, reduce Kongshi rate, saving passengers maximize their resources and practices.
Project Advantages
Taxi rejection has become a common phenomenon in large cities, is the greatest value drops a taxi and the driver matches the user's needs, reducing the load efficiency drivers.
In the taxi driver seems quarter master, resulting in a taxi rejection is not the most important reason for understanding between passengers and drivers. "Taxi every day will go in the direction. For example my home in Yizhuang, shift it must go in that direction. To open the regular meeting each month, I have to go to five-party bridge direction." "Now passengers served, first sentence word is' go? "If I say 'go'. passengers on the train immediately, no longer control you want to go, is not going to shift." Ji said the master, so many drivers if you need to specify the direction, rather empty upload, watching the passengers in the street waving the past did not dare ask. Once asked, in the wrong direction, the passengers refused, it might be a complaint rejection. "He continued," There are tens of thousands of taxi every day, so carrying an empty road. Passengers and drivers even the most basic communication are not, to say a few words to ask 'Where your convenience' can do. "Quarter Master stressed that taxi drivers often are not far away to pick passengers, but to choose the right direction." It is necessary to understand each passenger and the driver, good communication. If the right direction, no driver willing to load. Hence the need to fight this thing drops similar car, solve the problem of matching demand. "
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