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Frequently Asked Questions
ishop6 cross-border e-commerce —— Financing cooperation
1) What is ishop6
iShop6 is a big B2C e-commerce sites, is the highest level of product at present our company ishop series.
The difference between ishop6 with series products:
①. Ishop6 is a B2C cross-border e-commerce website , divide the product by industry and country. Jingdong reference model of development in each country.
      Examples: ccne.eccic.com.cn
②. ishop4 is a comprehensive product mall website, like shopping malls, html example: euroaka.com
③. ishop5 is brand e-commerce website, refined and beautiful, and use html5 .examples: ishop5.w204.eccic.com.cn
2)The following content is about ishop6 main business model and how to financing
1. What is cross-border e-commerce provider of integrated solutions?
As long as customers to cooperate with us ishop6 financing, can become an independent operating B2C project team, joined eccic.org, to cooperate is isoftvalley.com + icollege.

2. What can we offer?
    Platform upgrade program proposal + Planning + + Chinese suppliers of products (of course, can be the customer's own product), managed hosting (web site),Recruitment and training of personnel.
   (Eccic: + provide technical personnel to provide product +) + (Client: Capital Output) = customer "multinational".
   (Note: This country does not necessarily refer only to China, customers can also operate this project in any country)

3. Customers have to do things:
        1) direct financing operations ishop6, in cooperation with the Division I become ishop6 shareholders. Price: $ 100,000, three-year full cooperation.Three years later,
            the customer can choose to renew for three years, you can also set up their own teams, independent operation of the project.
           Distribution of shares:51%(customers) + 49%(our company).
           (Note: The customer must one-time investment of $ 10 million, or 51% instead of 100 000)
        2) From our HR candidates resume, he personally selected the site operators and technical personnel, our company technicians and retrainingthese posts. If the
            latter are not satisfied with their work, you can fire off the re-selection of personnel, we'll copy the training.
We are eccic.org's ten years of senior IT companies isoftvalle.com, also the operator of numerous success stories of cross-border electricity supplier companies.
Meanwhile eccic.org icollege convergence of talent parties, cross-border electricity supplier eccic.org of training talent agencies. Designed for the company would like to open the "bosses" in China to provide training in other countries.
Now there UAE, Australia, Japan, in the future there will be thousands of such projects will multiply in eccic.org hatch.
Why do we need to do cross-border electricity supplier integrated solution provider?
First, this is a very promising career, worked ten years in Alibaba talent also want specialize in this line, find us and want to cooperate with us, he has been deeply appreciate this line of unlimited prospects and customer groups numerous.
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